With car charging infrastructure improving all the time and the summer approaching, it’s a great time to visit places with a lot to offer.

It’s a common misconception that driving an EV will stop you from travelling where you want, but in fact, it will restrict you no more than a tank of petrol offering 300 miles – providing you take the time to plan journeys. There are 8000 listed charging locations and over 22,000 connectors available across the UK as of May this year, and that’s ignoring the standard 3-pin plugs that can be used in an emergency.

There are also many apps and websites available to help you plan your journeys, showing the speed and availability of electric car chargers. It may even help you take some planned pit stops along the way and help you get some free parking while you’re there.

Check out ZapMap for a live map of the UK’s charging infrastructure.


York is not only great for a scenic city break but with various charging points, including at Waitrose and a couple of the car parks around this historic city, it’s a great getaway for EV owners.


If you’re feeling brave you can pay a visit to York Dungeons for some spooky history lessons and if scary isn’t for you why not look at the National Railway Museum for a free adventure. If you’re planning a visit for the school summer holidays you might want to venture slightly out of the centre, and you’ll come across York Maze. Although only open for the school holidays (13th July until 2nd September this year), you’ll have the opportunity to explore a giant maze made from maize plants as well as various other family activities, only a short journey from your nearest charging point.


It might take a little more planning, but why not visit some of the UKs most breath-taking countryside? Bakewell is a pretty town, rich in history with a charging point located at Newholme Hospital, an estimated 10-minute walk from the centre.

the peak district

Just tiptoeing into the peak district north of Ashbourne you’ll also find some stunning scenery at Dovedale with the famous stepping stones easily within driving distance of the closest charge points.

While the Peak District might sound a bit risky to some new EV drivers, there are plenty of campsites that have their own charging facilities so you could make a weekend of your visit and take in the views!


places with ev charging - London charging infrastructure

If it’s a city break that you’re after, one of the many wonderful things about London is the infrastructure available for ULEVs in the area. Greater London accounts for over a quarter of the UKs charging connectors and with the ULEV clean-air zone, the future in the capital looks bright for EV owners.

You have no limit to your options when visiting London, with hundreds of electric charging points built into car parks and on-road parking spaces across the city, you can visit all of your favourite attractions with even more options available if you’d rather hop on public transport while your car is charging.


ev charging points at national trust sites

There are various National Trust sites dotted around the UK with EV charging points. As Europe’s largest conservation charity, they’re always looking at sustainable options and their partnership with BMWi has certainly helped. Whether you want to pay a visit to Sheringham Park or Giants Causeway, you’ll find EV charging points at some of their sites across the UK with more being added all the time.

You can find the full list of sites here.


ev charging - euro tunnel entrance

Hear us out here. At first glance, a trip to France might seem a bit of a stretch but maybe not. There are plenty of opportunities to charge your car on the way and there’s even a charging station located at the euro tunnel itself with both ends being sufficiently suited to drive an EV, particularly with the 250+ mile range many of these cars are capable of. You could take a tour around France (or even further) with some planning.

Tips for Your EV Adventure:

  • Plan! When planning a route it’s always worth finding out if the charging points will be suitable for your vehicle (or even checking if they’re working) before relying solely on that stop for a charge.
  • Be wary of the weather. You’ll get a better range from your EV if the weather is warm and dry. That’s not to say wet weather will be a write-off but be aware of the range of your car should the weather suddenly change. (We are in the UK after all!)
  • Watch out for steep hills that may use more battery power, it’s part of planning but often overlooked. Be aware of your route.

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