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Why Choose Fleet Evolution for Your Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme?

Salary sacrifice car schemes delivered your way, fully managed and cost neutral

Whether you employ 50 people or 5,000 you need to be sure that any company you trust to engage with your employees delivers, every time. Fleet Evolution specialise in schemes that are  cost neutral and require little management on your part or on the part of your employees. Indeed our schemes typically make employees more productive as the level of service leaves them free to focus on their day to day job free of any motoring worries.

Customers looking to outsource any aspect of fleet management are looking for two things, exceptional cost control and first class expertise and services. Fleet Evolution believe the two should go hand in hand. Our customers choose us because they know we will form a partnership with them to guide them through issues such as duty of care and day to day management all at a cost that is competitive with a service that it exemplary.

We deal with organisations employing from 17 to 5,000 staff,  all of whom need an outsource partner that they can engage with and then trust to run the scheme on a day to day basis, with no involvement from them and maximum driver satisfaction. To deliver this we employ the latest technology tools and an open fair communication strategy, you are never more than a phone call away from us.  Where required we also hold regular meetings with customers advising of areas where costs can be further honed and working together to improve our partnership to deliver further savings.

Our customers choose us because they demand excellent service at a price that’s right, we demand that we exceed our customer’s expectations.

Whatever your challenge, we can guide you through defining, implementing and delivering a fantastic employee experience with Fleet Evolution.

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