A Tailored Approach to Salary Sacrifice Cars and Your Business Needs

Like the rest of our business, our products have evolved as a result of gaps in the market. The fleet and flexible benefits markets are well established but still lack the degree of service, or indeed flexibility that customers demand. 

Fleet Evolution are a salary sacrifice specialist but this is not our only area of expertise, in addition to salary sacrifice car schemes we take a complete approach to both your flexible benefits and driving at work requirements to deliver a unique, different and tailored proposition to each and every customer with whom we implement a solution 

Our service is based on partnership with our customers, as a result the service we deliver can be unique to your business need. Our solution will include recommendations from the following product offerings.

Salary Sacrifice Cars

Fleet Evolution are salary sacrifice car experts, our schemes are designed to be completely cost neutral to the employer, with low risk and low admin whilst delivering significant savings for the employee. 

Flexible Benefits

Salary Maximizer

Contract Hire

Variable terms and payment profiles to suit you whether you are sourcing 5 vehicles per annum or 500

Variable financing methods

Contract Hire not your preferred option? Speak with us about your business so we can recommend the best finance ‘vehicle’ to fund your company vehicle

Vehicle Sourcing

Even if you outright purchase your vehicles, we can help at every stage from acquisition to disposal, all backed up with our in life fleet management. Find out how we can maximize your discount potential and police your driver policy

Fleet Management

A busy company needs time to build a market, service customers and cope with day to day issues, When those day to day issues are a missed service or a vehicle accident repair it can be frustrating and ultimately costly not just in vehicle costs but in none productive time with your key people. Whatever your fleet we can manage part or all of your fleet for you, full time fleet management for a part time investment with key reporting when, where and how you need it.

Transition Management

At Fleet Evolution we frequently speak with companies who want to move to us but are committed to seeing out an arrangement with another supplier. If this happens then the last thing you need is the headache of dealing with multiple companies. We can take on all of your current fleet whoever supplies the cars while you migrate fully to us, no issues, no headaches and all with consolidated reporting.

Driver Management

One of the most valuable resources you have is your drivers. Managing them effectively can be time consuming, political and emotive. We can manage every aspect for you from policy development through to driver licence checking effectively and efficiently.

Risk Management/Duty of Care

We supply information, services and policies to allow you to fully comply with HSE guidelines, the corporate manslaughter bill and the health and safety at work act are top of the agenda but the last thing you need to worry about on a day to day basis, let us manage this for you just advising you periodically on changes we would recommend as legislation changes.

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