Who Are Fleet Evolution?

Employee Car Scheme, Salary sacrifice and Fleet Management experts based in the Midlands.

Based out of the Midlands, Fleet Evolution is a flexible benefits specialist dedicated to provision of cost neutral flexible employee car schemes.We were founded in 2010, ath that time employers with less than 1,000 employees couldn't find a partner to work with them, they were told they were too small or schemes were too complex. Our first customer took a salary sacrifice car scheme, they had less than 50 employees, fast forward 7 years and our smallest customer has 3 employees, our largest 10,000! We offer salary sacrifice car schemes, employee car ownership, affinity schemes and fleet management with no set up fees and no leaver risk. We are different, our approach is different, we understand the intricacies of the benefits market and we're formed and developed uniquely to serve this market, unlike many other suppliers who are traditional contract hire companies looking to widen their portfolio. Our specialisation is unique, as is our approach. 

Why are we different?

Unlike many other suppliers who are traditional contract hire companies looking to widen their portfolio. Our specialisation is unique, as is our approach. When we first came to this market we did not understand why suppliers could not work with smaller customers, after all salary sacrifice cars are simply company cars with a gross payroll deduction and no termination penalties for leavers. We developed a simple approach based aroun HR needs, not a fleet managers. We deliver schemes in a day, handle all engagement, HMRC submission and contract variations. There are too many schemes that fail to look at the offering from a HR perspective, our backgrounds allow us to excel and our customer feedback encourages us to improve and evolve.

We provide a wide range of services and whether you're looking for a fully managed salary sacrifice car scheme or a specialist partner for a key area of concern we work in partnership with your business to meet your corporate goals and objectives whist delighting all stakeholders from MD to employee.

Evolutionary Values

Our company is founded on core values that are intrinsic to our success and drive every engagement on our customers behalf. The values are;


Cost neutral employee car schemes or fleet management delivering value to your business


Think of us as an extention of your team, we own every issue and aim to excel


Open, honest and proactive at all levels within our and your business and education for employees


Clear, fair and competitive with exceptional value for employee's


Our schemes are flexible, our principles rigid, geared around service delivery to you

Evolutionary People

Our people are all experts in fleet or HR from a variety of backgrounds, with a broad mixture from operational, systems and HR we are uniquely placed to understand the challenges you face and support the influencers within your organisation to deliver a value proposition that stacks up from HR to finance, from employee to shareholder.

Customer Feedback

'I have been instrumental in setting up our staff lease scheme with Fleet Evolution since 2012.

We established the scheme to allow staff to not only drive a new vehicle but also to gain additional benefits from a salary sacrifice process. The scheme has proven to be popular with over 160 vehicles having been registered (current, pending and elapsed).

I have worked closely with the staff from Fleet and always found them to be professional, patient and considerate whilst dealing with customer queries.

The process from start to finish is very slick, monthly deduction process is effortless and we are kept up to date with regular changes, servicing requirements and even unfortunate parking and speeding fines.

I have no hesitation in recommendation Fleet Evolution as a reliable, competent and professional organisation.'

Unipres UK Ltd - Sunderland


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