Surprising insights into how our employee benefits can alleviate stress for both employees and the employer.

Millions of people throughout the UK experience significant stress daily. This can significantly impact health and wellbeing and ultimately shorten lives. Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. A stressed employee, whether that stress is caused by home or work, is less productive. They will make more mistakes and engage less than a happy employee. So, how can you help?

Simple steps you can take to reduce employee stress are:

Introduce flexible working

None of us are 100% focussed all the time. So, where possible, let employees take time off when not in the mood and see productivity sore! Of course, it’s not always possible. At Fleet Evolution, for example, we have core ‘busy call’ hours that people must work, 4 hours a day; outside of that, it’s their choice when they work!

Alleviate financial stress

This needn’t cost you a bean! You can make employees salaries go further with salary sacrifice items such as cars or consolidated loans, leveraging the employers buying power to vastly reduce credit payments. Cars can be 45% cheaper than retail with salary sacrifice and cost less than an unreliable older car, all with no leaver risk.


The simplest step, but often the most complicated to achieve. So many companies spend a fortune recruiting the best people only to distrust them one day. As the saying goes, ‘treat people like children and they will act like them’, so remember why you recruited them in the first place and trust them.


Yes, plants. Even office plants have a marked improvement in office ‘calm’ and productivity. However, like everything, you need to keep it ‘real’; plastic plants have no measurable benefit and harbour dust and germs!

Concierge services

Whether it’s calling dry cleaners to the office or offering salary sacrifice cars, where we manage everything for the employee, you can free up employees work and personal time. This would make them more productive in and out of work, leading to greater fulfilment.


Encourage healthy activities! They could be ambitious communal exercise routines or just offering healthy benefits, such as gym memberships or a cycle scheme; none of which would cost you a thing!

Lastly, just say hi once in a while! Not to see how a project is doing, but to see how your PEOPLE are doing. After all, they are your greatest asset!

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