Halloween isn’t the only scary thing about Autumn, the driving can be horrific too!

Keep clear of any issues this Autumn with our simple checklist;

1. Tyres – Check for bulges and cuts and ensure pressures are checked regularly. It is vitally important at this time that you check depths regularly and consider wet weather or all weather tyres. Heavy dew gives way to wet leaves then the first frosts, drive accordingly. Most experts recommend looking to replace your tyres once the tread falls below 3mm.

2.  Windscreen – Firstly ensure any chips from Summer are repaired as a priority, chips and damage can soon lead to cracks as the temperatures drop. Ensure screenwash is good quality and topped up, wiper blades last 2 years usually so change well in advance if needed
3. Battery – More than 5 years old? Check if it needs replacing, the wet Summer has probably already meant you’ve had the warning signs if your battery is struggling. Don’t leave it to the first frost to find out your battery isn’t up to the job.

4. Driving Style – Leave plenty of space/time to avoid incidents, in Autumn the low/late morning sun can lead to tailbacks and sudden braking, drive accordingly leaving plenty of space to keep safe.

Of course for Fleet Evolution customers cars most of these checks are done for you with any action needed carried out automatically at no cost to you. All in all enjoy the season, if you want to investigate wet weather or all weather tyres please contact your Fleet Evolution driverline account manager