Road Safety Week 2012 will take place 19-25 November. The charity Brake, which coordinates the Week, is encouraging organisations, particularly fleet operators, to start planning now how they will take advantage of the event to promote safe driving to staff and show their commitment to road safety in the wider community. Customers of Fleet Evolution can work with us to devise the perfect sytrategy for your business with a wealth of free resources.

Road Safety Week, now in its 16th year, is aimed at reducing crashes or promoting sustainable travel. It’s also an opportunity for organisations to gain recognition and engage the community to raise awareness about road safety as part of their CSR strategy.

Every year Brake picks a theme to focus on through its Road Safety Week media campaign. Organisations can choose to run their initiative on this or any other road safety topic.

Brake’s main theme for 2012 is ‘Slower speeds = happy people’. Through national and regional media, Brake will be raising awareness of the importance of making it safer for people to walk and cycle in their own community, to get to work or school, and for their health and enjoyment. Brake will be calling on drivers to slow down to 20mph around homes, schools and shops, explaining that it’s a life-saver because it gives you a good chance of stopping in time in an emergency.

Brake deputy chief executive Julie Townsend says: ‘Organisations can play an important role in making our roads safer, raising awareness among staff, customers and contacts about safe driving, implementing ambitious fleet safety practices, and engaging the community. Road Safety Week is an opportunity for organisations to focus attention on this vital social issue and speak out about the difference we can all make in preventing needless tragedies and creating greener, safer communities.

‘Each year many organisations make a tremendous impact by getting the road safety message across during the Week, often gaining valuable publicity at the same time. Speak with your account manager to book your road safety event with Fleet Evolution and Brake or email