How Are Businesses Striving for Sustainability?

Businesses should be striving for sustainability since going green improves sales. A survey made by a global supplier of data protection solutions, Tandberg Data, found that more than half of global consumers, and 27% of Brits, prefer to buy from companies with a strong environmental reputation.

Businesses across the UK are determined to make their businesses more sustainable. In Leicester alone, 12 businesses have put sustainability measures in place and have already saved 247.4 tonnes of CO2. That’s the same as 20 double-decker buses!

Ways that these businesses are striving for sustainability are cost-effective and simple to achieve, here are just a few:

Car Share Scheme

By pushing car sharing, or going green, you will be using fewer vehicles. Therefore, there will be less CO2 emissions let into the atmosphere. A car share scheme would also save the weekly cost on petrol and kill the stress of driving.

Introducing a Cycle to Work Scheme

Introducing this into the workplace may inspire the team to take a more active approach to their commute. Getting a bike rack may further encourage them as it would be more convenient. A happier employee will come from a healthier employee.

Going Paperless or Cutting Down on Paper Usage

Going fully paperless in the office may seem almost impossible. However, with the technology we already have it’s so simple to cut down on the amount of waste we produce by using paper; digitally marketing, using The Cloud and making emails/phone calls are just a few ways that essentially make paper obsolete. Although, if you need to use paper, Post-Consumer Waste paper (PCW) and printing double-sided cuts back on the amount of waste paper.


It’s not just smaller businesses becoming more sustainable. The Swedish-founded furniture store, IKEA, has been working on their sustainability for years. They have applied a sustainability strategy, ‘People and Planet Positive 2020’. It is intended to inspire consumers to live more sustainably, to strive for resource and energy independence, and to bettering the lives of people and communities. impacted by their business. A report shows that 77% of wood and 100% of cotton sourced for IKEA products were from sustainable sources in 2017.

How Can My Business Become More Sustainable?

There are many simple ways your business can reduce its carbon footprint by using renewable energy options like switching to a greener energy supplier. Prices are similar to regular suppliers, so you won’t be forking out to save the environment. Another way your business can be more sustainable is by generating your own renewable energy. This sounds like a stretch, but just by installing some solar panels you’re creating your own electricity!

Choosing LED bulbs over halogen bulbs and being mindful of conserving electricity (aka, turning lights off and taking advantage of natural light) will cut your usage as well as your bills. Your business could also be more sustainable by encouraging employees to look into getting a ULEV. This may be easily attained (and doesn’t cost the business) by taking part in our salary sacrifice scheme.


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