When it comes to making sure everyone understands flexible benefits, communication is the key.

So say salary sacrifice car scheme experts Fleet Evolution who boast a market leading 10% take up rate on their car schemes.

Many organisations work tirelessly to improve the package they offer their workforce sometimes at great cost in the time investment alone only to see take up fall well short of expectations.

Pioneering salary sacrifice car scheme specialist Fleet Evolution has bucked this trend and seen customers report increased take up of other benefits with a simple approach.

Andrew Leech explains, ‘for us communication is the key, we supply schemes to organisations employing 1,300 employees but also to those with just 100 so for it to be effective take up has to be higher, we do not typically charge for our services so to a large degree we take the risk.

If the scheme doesn’t meet expectations we as a supplier will not meet our set up costs..’

This is the challenge that Fleet Evolution needed to overcome and has done with an impressive 10% take up across customers in year one.

The key is 3 fold;

1)      Simple employee tools to make schemes transparent and easy to understand

2)      Onsite launches to employees with an immediate interest, other benefits are also re communicated which can often lead to an increase in take up of well established benefits.

3)      Monthly eshots to employees, approved by hr and with an informative theme plus on site demonstration vehicles and other events.

Leech explains ‘of course the important thing is the customers core business, our schemes impact on a company must only be positive so we manage this whole process. By working in partnership with our customers we can ensure that every employee makes an informed decision on sacrifice cars and their suitability to them, along with a review of existing benefit arrangements.’

Fleet Evolution are specialists in salary sacrifice car schemes, for more information please visit https://www.fleetevolution.com