Fleet Evolution keeps customers on the right road

With an abundance of laws and legislative red tape, managing your company’s fleet of vehicles can be a real headache for some firms.

Derby-based Fleet Evolution could help relieve the stresses and strains of managing so-called ‘grey fleets’, where employees use their own cars. The company has launched a specific product tailored to manage driver issues, duty of care and safety areas for any company where workers use their own vehicles or receive a payment to source their own vehicle – in what are known as ‘cash for car’ fleets.

Even if a company does not run its own vehicles, bosses still have a duty of care to their workers – under the Health and Safety at Work Act – to make sure the vehicles are roadworthy and safe, and that the driver is licensed, safe and insured for business use.

Drive Evolution carries out all of those checks, allowing clients to manage every aspect of administering a ‘grey fleet’ or ‘cash for car’ fleet with a one-stop shop for day-to-day issues. The system takes care of tasks such as issuing policies, legal checks and mileage capture with customers only informed when an issues arises.

Drivers could make big savings too with access to a range of suppliers and roadside assistance schemes. Due to Fleet Evolution bulk buying, Drivers can see real savings on the cost of tyres and recovery etc. Managing director Andrew Leech said: “Drivers and employers want convenience and to be free to concentrate on their normal lives, we give them that freedom.”  He said that while many firms had shifted to ‘cash for car’ fleets in the hope of cutting out bureaucracy many had found this was “more resource hungry than an in-house fleet” adding:  “This is where Drive Evolution can help.” The new product was launched to help companies in the transition from cash for car to salary sacrifice, where workers give up a portion of their gross salary in exchange for a car.

The idea has proved so popular it’s now being launched as a product in it’s own right.

For more information contact Fleet Evolution at enquiries@fleetevolution.com.