According to a recent survey, 61% of drivers ordering cars through salary sacrifice schemes are more interested in electric and hybrid models – casting the schemes in a positively eco-friendly light. Salary sacrifice experts Fleet Evolution offer a multitude of ‘green’ cars for employers to choose from, helping to slash emissions and giving employees an environmentally-friendly choice of vehicle. Salary sacrifice schemes have been structured to reward those who chose lower emission vehicles, and this reward system seems to be working. Of those surveyed, 12% of employees would choose a fully electric car, 33% would opt for a plug-in hybrid vehicle and 55% would go for a non-plug-in hybrid model – all of which have been designed to cut CO2 and reduce the impact of driving on the environment.

Fleet Evolution is a leading provider of salary sacrifice car schemes for the sub-1000 employee sector, and many of their clients to date have experienced significant reductions in the carbon footprints and overall emissions since switching to these cars.

Andrew Leech, Director of Fleet Evolution, says, “The pressure is on for many businesses to cut their emissions and meet targets – and an increasing number of employees are making more environmentally-friendly decisions. At Fleet Evolution we specialise in providing eco-friendly cars, and they’re proving to be incredibly popular with businesses all over the UK, as people try to make more responsible, ethical decisions regarding their vehicles and fleets.”

The Nissan Leaf is just one of many eco-friendly options Fleet Evolution can provide for businesses on their salary sacrifice car schemes. The fully electric car is available from just £180 per month, and it’s estimated to run for between 90 – 125 miles on a single charge. The model has a superb reliability record, and scored the maximum five star in crash tests conducted by Euro NCAP – making it a great choice for insurance reasons, too.

The salary sacrifice experts also offer the BMW I3 Hatchback Range Extender – billed as the perfect car for those who aren’t quite ready to commit to a fully electric vehicle. As stylish as you might expect from BMW – giving a great impression of your employees – without compromising on its carbon-cutting capabilities, this premium hybrid car is available from Fleet Evolution from as little as £480 per month.

Fleet Evolution don’t just offer cutting-edge cars at reasonable prices – they also strive to ensure that other elements of their service are as eco-friendly as possible. All invoices and service reminders are supplied electronically, cutting down on paper usage, and helping to reduce the environmental impact of implementing a salary sacrifice scheme.

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