Fleet Evolution is on a mission to dispel the common myths that could be preventing hundreds of businesses from implementing a low-cost salary sacrifice car scheme for their employees. The company’s experience of setting up these schemes for clients has seen them confronting many of the popular misconceptions about the cars, the schemes and the businesses that can implement them – but Fleet Evolution are setting out to lay the myths to rest. Fleet Evolution is one of the country’s fastest-growing providers of salary sacrifice schemes for the sub-1000 employee sector. With a range of options available and plenty of experience setting up the schemes, businesses have flocked to the provider in recent years – but the myths are still holding some back.

Andrew Leech, Managing Director of Fleet Evolution, says, “Many new clients come to us with a lot of misconceptions about salary sacrifice car schemes, and we’re happy to dispel those myths today. From the idea that the schemes are only offered for ultra-efficient cars, to the belief that the scheme will be expensive for the employer, we’re here to set the minds of many business owners at rest and show them the real benefits of these schemes.”

One of the most widely held beliefs is that a company needs to have hundreds of employees to see any benefit from such a scheme. This is incorrect – many of Fleet Evolution’s clients have less than 100 employees; their smallest client has just 17 workers! Regardless of the size of the company, salary sacrifice schemes can be implemented successfully.

Then there’s the false idea that these salary sacrifice schemes are only extended to the most efficient hybrid or electric cars. While it’s certainly true that the schemes are much more cost-effective for the efficient cars like the Nissan Leaf, that doesn’t rule out other models with less impressive energy credentials. If a client’s primary aim with the scheme is to kit their employees out with professional, impressive cars, they can still choose from models like the BMW 5 series or a Ford Focus.

Many businesses are also put off from salary sacrifice car schemes because of the belief that they are admin-heavy and will require lots of man hours filling out paperwork. Fleet Evolution are unable to speak for other providers, but their typical client spends around thirty minutes every month counter-signing orders and making payroll amends advised by the expert team. No extensive form-filling, no lengthy documents to study – just quick and easy administrative tasks to keep the scheme running smoothly once it’s set up.

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