With the news unveiled in the Queen’s Speech that the government plans to invest £600 million into ultra-low emissions vehicles, Fleet Evolution, the salary sacrifice experts, are urging businesses to start integrating electric and hybrid cars into their fleet.

In 2013, just 3,500 electric vehicles were registered, but in 2017 the number is already at 63,000[1]. More and more low-emissions vehicles are taking to the road, and with the Queen’s Speech also specifying that petrol stations and motorway services must supply charging points, it looks as if the government is making sure that electric cars are Britain’s future.

Fleet Evolution encourage businesses to add electric vehicles to their fleets not only because of the benefit to the environment, but also the benefit to the driver. As part of a salary sacrifice scheme, ultra-low emissions vehicles don’t incur as much tax as the rest of the salary, and they cost much less to run in day to day terms.

With plenty of models available—from Elon Musk’s Tesla range to the more affordable Nissan Leaf—businesses will not find themselves stuck for choice. Instead, they can offer attractive rates to employees as well as a selection of vehicles.

Guidance and grants are available to businesses looking to make their fleet more environmentally friendly, and with the UK at the forefront of the electric car revolution, Fleet Evolution encourage firms to help lead the way.