Manage your fleet with Fleet Evolution

When you look for a fleet management partner your looking for somebody you can trust, a company to provide the expertise to reduce your fleet costs with the ownership to manage the whole process. Your looking for a company who can bring real value to your operation, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

Whether you purchase, lease from another company or offer employees cash Fleet Evolution have can bring their expertise to bear offering a flexible approach to fleet management delivering outstanding service and significant financial savings

We work with our customer, we realize that the benefit of working with us is to use our expertise where you need it, to dovetail with your processes where they work and for us to take up the slack where they don’t. Fleet Evolution have a track record of delivering up to 30% reductions in fleet running costs whilst improving the service for you, your employees, drivers and existing suppliers.

Fleet Evolution can deliver significant benefits including:

  • A tailored approach dovetailing with your existing processes and suppliers
  • Driver line to manage all day to day communications
  • A complete solution from maintenance control to risk management all from one supplier
  • Online management and reporting tools keep you in control

We realise when you look at outsourcing any aspect of your business you demand a superior service, that’s why Fleet Evolution deliver more to exceed those expectations.

Manage your Fleet

When you look to Fleet Evolution to manage your fleet you can leave your fleet safe in the hands of the experts

We couldn’t believe that Fleet Evolution offer so many services that other companies simply don’t supply or charge for, it’s a refreshing approach and one we appreciate’

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