Manage Your Risk

Driving on company business is one of the most hazardous activities most employees will engage in, we all train employees on how to lift a box but do you manage road risk effectively? Not only does current legislation demand robust policies in this area but good risk management can actually save you thousands on your fleet costs each year but it’s a specialized area and guidelines are changing every week.

In this evolving market you need expert help to ensure your manage your risk and the associated costs effectively. Fleet Evolution customers typically reduce their accident costs by a third and benefit from the following:

  • Access to our suite of policies, regularly updated as guidance changes
  • DVLA licence checking, automated and 100% accurate
  • Document management service, we chase MOT certificates, service confirmation, insurance details etc for you
  • Online management tools for you to report on issues
  • Regular meetings to discuss issues with you BEFORE they become a problem
  • Driver assessments and training where required

Put your risk management in the hands of experts leaving you to focus on your core business safe in the knowledge that you will exceed current legislation and offer your drivers, employees and customers the maximum protection from the costs and consequences of occupational road risk.

Manage your Risk

There are many reasons to outsource risk management, it’s a constantly evolving area that demands expert assistance, Fleet Evolution will help you

Comply with all relevant legislation keeping you compliant

Issue and police driver policies ensuring you control risks before they become an issue

Reduce administration putting the onus on driver and us to manage this area for you

Reduce costs, better risk management reduces accident costs, insurance costs, fuel costs and improved employee retention

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