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When you choose an ‘outsource’ company you want that partner to take care of all day to day activities for you. What use is a fleet management company that you always need to phone to chase missed tasks? Or even worse one that simply sells you a vehicle then can’t be reached? Fleet Evolution use revolutionary tools to ensure you have all the key information in front of you without demanding your time.

Fleet Evolution believe our customers deserve the best possible service and to deliver this we deploy award winning tools throughout our business, not just to drive our back office systems but to make our systems, data and process completely accessible to customers all at no extra cost. By giving you the tools to interrogate your fleet costs we can ensure that the administrative burden to you is negated whilst the customer experience is a rewarding one.

Web Quotes

To be accessed by your admin staff or even drivers with rules dictating what vehicles can be chosen filtered by make, style, doors, even co2. Web quotes does not remove you from the process, it maximizes your time meaning your only asked to authorize orders that have already been sanity checked against grade, policy and need. Web quotes can even be configured for cash takers or ecos schemes for a complete one stop shop.

Driver Services

In addition to ordering replacement vehicles driver services also allow drivers to see personal information, add additional drivers, download policies and book or record key events such as services or MOT’s.

Mileage/Expense Claims

Employees can log mileage claims or more general expenses, these are then validated, the correct rate applied and passed to your HR team for approval. Where most fleet suppliers stop short of any online tools we supply everything you need where a vehicle cost hits your organisation. All this plugs into key reports we make available to management or other users

Management Reporting

Knowledge is Power and we want to empower our customers so we provide a variety of web tools for you to view, report on and analyse your fleet and spend. Instead of disparate spreadsheets and databases you have all your fleet information on fleet we run and fleet we are managing during the transition period on one system with one set of management reports.

Online Services

Your fleet information, to you, your drivers and your cost centers.

Online services include:

  • Vehicle Quotes
  • Driver Quotes
  • Key Reports
  • Fleet Lists
  • Driver Portal
  • Mileage Claims
  • Expense Claims
  • Duty of Care Tools
  • Risk Profiling
  • Licence Management

We empower you by giving you the maximum information whist keeping it relevant to minimise the impact on your workload. In addition we actually delegate most key fleet functions to the users/drivers reducing your administrative burden and increasing the accuracy of information. Our technology is designed to be practical, scalable and deliverable to any size organisation.

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