One of the UK’s leading salary sacrifice car scheme specialists is urging employers to choose a supplier which goes the extra mile to increase employee take up rates. According to Fleet Evolution Director Andrew Leech, few salary sacrifice suppliers really put in the effort to explain the benefits and promote the scheme to staff, which is crucial in the first year. With Fleet Evolution’s promotion methods, launch events, email communication and on-site meetings with employees, it can record an average benefit adoption rate of 10%.

Leech said, “If a supplier is given the privileged opportunity to supply vehicles to a client’s employees, they have a responsibility to proactively promote the benefits and ensure that every participant is maximising the value of the scheme. At Fleet Evolution, we’re committed to helping each and every customer get the most out of our service. That’s why we clock in a 10% first year benefits adoption rate which is unprecedented.

Despite the fantastic savings on offer, car salary sacrifice schemes are not widely understood by a large number of employers and employees. This means it is up to supplier to push the benefits and help participants take full advantage of what’s on offer. Fleet Evolution is advocating for change and sees it as a supplier’s fundamental duty to do everything they can to promote the scheme and ensure a healthy adoption rate.

Fleet Evolution is the UK’s most flexible and dynamic car salary sacrifice scheme supplier offering its customers flexible plans that deliver tax efficiency, low administration and maximum value. As well as handing employees the chance to make significant on-road savings, a Fleet Evolution car salary sacrifice scheme increases staff retention, boosts company reputation and enhances employee satisfaction. Every customer enjoys a tailor made approach which ensures that they receive a plan that suits their individual needs. With a huge range of cars that are cost neutral to employers and offer employees and the chance to save up to 30% in motoring costs, Fleet Evolution is inherently advantageous. And with current clients ranging in size from 15 employees to 10,000, every business can enjoy the benefits.

Mr Leech added, “At Fleet Evolution we have the time and passion for the subject matter, offering quarterly catch ups with new employees to ensure they are fully aware of the benefits on offer. Promotion is key and that’s what we excel in, which is why we are the supplier of choice for hundreds of businesses nationwide.