As 50% of the UK’s population head back to work the nation’s number one car salary sacrifice scheme provider has revealed valuable insight into the hidden employer benefits of salary sacrifice cars. While reduced on-road costs soak up the majority of the spotlight, Fleet Evolution is encouraging employers to take advantage of the less measurable benefits of salary sacrifice schemes.

According to data compiled by Fleet Evolution 80% of new cars are distributed to employees who have never owned a first-hand vehicle. This is an incredible perk for workers yet employers also stand to profit from a range of hidden benefits.

Andrew Leech, Director of Fleet Evolution said “Yes, our car salary sacrifice schemes reduce on-road costs by 30% but there are also a fantastic range of hidden benefits for employers. In 2015 we’re urging businesses to cash in on the advantages and use salary sacrifice schemes to boost their bottom lines.”

One of the standout advantages of helping employees acquire a new car is a boost in productivity due to ongoing managed service provision. Instead of employees arriving half an hour late due to external car servicing commitments Fleet Evolution mechanics collect the car on-site and return it at the end of the day. Tyre changes can even be carried out in the office carpark for absolute efficiency.

Thanks to its ultra-modern fleet of eco-friendly vehicles Fleet Evolution’s car salary sacrifice schemes can also have a positive effect on employee health and wellbeing. Advanced product engineering research has equipped new cars with osteopathic seating featuring perks such as lumbar support. Posture friendly driving positions result in less mobility issues and reduced absenteeism due to medical appointments or injury.

In the event of a serious on-road accident modern cars offer superior protection against injury. In addition to enriching the welfare of employees, state-of-the-art safety features reduce sick leave, absenteeism and recovery times. This ensures that workers are back on the game as quickly as possible should they be involved in an accident.

As well as enhancing employee health and wellbeing, new cars distributed on salary sacrifice schemes actively support recruitment and retention strategies. Mentioning the option of a car salary sacrifice scheme in a job advertisement will attract the highest calibre of applicants while existing employees will be far more inclined to stay with a company that offers such a sought-after benefit.

With a recent joint survey from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and management consultancy Accenture reporting that half of UK businesses are looking to expand their workforce in 2015, Fleet Evolution’s affordable salary sacrifice car schemes are a savvy way for employers to make the most of every new recruit. The schemes put ‘healthy’ vehicles within the reach and budget of employees, an incentive that fosters ongoing wellbeing, productivity and job satisfaction.

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