Do you ask your employees to use their own car for business? Did you know that just asking an employee to drive to a training course could be a ‘business journey’? How do you manage the risk?

If you ask employees to use their own car for anything other than commuting to and from work then your taking a huge risk on 2 counts.

1.Road risk – If an employee has an accident while driving on company business can you be sure the employee and car are ‘fit for the

2. Financial Risk – If your paying cash allowance and up to 45 pence per mile your running a significant cost to the business, in many cases incentivising your employees to make journeys that may not be needed.

Managing your ’grey’ fleet

Any employee driving on a journey for work other than to/from their office is your
responsibility, whether in their own car, a company car, a hire car or a friends car. How you should manage this is not a grey area, but it needn’t be a burden, managed correctly you can actually reduce your costs and employee stress with some simple steps you can either manage in house or choose a partner to manage.

What the legislation demands

Forget the corporate manslaughter bill and all the scaremongering over that, it’s dramatically overplayed. However don’t forget road risk, the legislation is very well defined by HSE.

HSE treat any vehicle used in connection with business as a ‘place of work’ and define you as have a duty of care to all who may come into contact with that ‘place of work’.

As a minimum you must be able to demonstrate;

– A robust safety policy
– An audit trail of it’s communication and enforcement
– A process to review and improve the policy

Grey Fleet management

For employees using their own car for occasional business we would propose our grey fleet management service. If you require simple licence checking, driver online declaration and policy distribution this would be £1 per employee per month or free of charge if you introduce salary sacrifice cars. For the enhanced service where we physically get copies of insurance, service and other documents the cost would be £3 per employee per month but we would agree a cost based on use, so employees who only do a business trip once a year would attract a lower cost.

Hire Vehicles and Mobility

At no initial cost we can offer a solution where we propose a mobility policy reducing your environmental footprint. This also introduces alternatives for some meetings and hire cars where more than 100 miles will be covered in a day. A hire car will always be cheaper even with our small margin than reimbursing at 45ppm and we manage all this for you and invoice you

Of course introducing salary sacrifice cars mitigates both risks, with such schemes we ensure that all employees and vehicles are ‘fit for the purpose’, we manage it all for you ensuring you meet all your obligations under HSE guidelines and the corporate manslaughter legislation.

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