Insurance rates for vehicles can be influenced by a number of factors, some we have more control over than others. Here were looking at a few things that can increase of reduce your insurance quote.

Age : One of the most common factors to affect car insurance is the age of the driver. Younger drivers tend to be less experienced and younger men will generally incur higher prices than young women, whilst elderly men will often be quoted marginally less that women of the same age. Age is an important factor to consider along with experience, the longer a driver has been on the road without serious accidents or incidents, the cheaper the insurance should be. This is one of the few factors that we can’t control, but it is worth being aware that other factors, such a model of car and where it is kept are very important when coupled with this.

Marital Status : Statistically, married couples tend to have fewer accidents than unmarried couples so you can often see an insurance quote being lowered significantly (based on driver history) if this is the case.

Job : People working in specific fields will spend more time on the road and can be considered high risk drivers. Those who commute long distances for work or work as a driver will likely also attract higher premiums. Sectors that see large numbers of accidents that aren’t necessarily driving based could also see higher premiums by association. For example, professionals in sport will often gather much higher costs because of the number of accidents involving those in similar positions.

Credit Score : Some companies look at this as a small factor, but it can have a slight impact on insurance quotes if you have a particularly low credit score.

Address : Location plays a big part in the cost of insurance. A busy area with high accident or vehicle theft rates can push insurance costs up. When looking to move house it is important to check with your insurance company that there will be no issues with the new address.

Vehicle Specification: The Safety Rating will play a huge part, this can be based on things like the airbags, the traction control of a car and seatbelts. The engine size, physical vehicle size and age of the car will also make a difference to the final insurance figure as they add to or detract from potential cost to a) repair the vehicle should there be any damage and b) potential financial responsibility should any passengers be involved in a collision.

Driver behaviour and history : Mostly, an insurance quote comes down to the actions of any named drivers of the car. The estimated yearly mileage can increase or reduce the final insurance quote, as can where the vehicle is being kept (in a garage, on the road or on a drive). Additionally, any previous claims, points on a license or serious driving convictions can hugely change quotes. Some convictions, such a drink driving may mean that insurance companies refuse to insure a vehicle altogether.

On our scheme, insurance is included in monthly cost so you don’t have to worry about all of the ins and outs of it, but being aware of how you can keep costs to a minimum will help us get the best deal that we possibly can for you and your vehicle. As well as the cost of the vehicle and insurance, we also take care of all of servicing and tyres, it’s included in the monthly payment! To find out more about how our car schemes can work for you, contact our Driverline team!

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