Outsourcing Your Fleet Management

Outsource your fleet

How do you source your fleet currently? How much time do you or your employees spend finding the right vehicle? The right supplier? The right product? Few companies manage to get the right compromise and either adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach or offer complete flexibility with the company taking on too much of the risk and management.

At Fleet Evolution we deliver,

  • policy on vehicle choice delivered in a consultative way based on your specific needs, not the highest margin for us.
  • process for quoting and ordering, we can manage the whole process or involve you at every stage. Most customers choose a level in between
  • procedure for supplier negotiations and communications, we guarantee vehicles will be delivered on time or we will make an alternative available
  • profit for you, we will structure your policy to make use of any enhanced customer terms and ensure these are passed on to you and we will work with your preference of supplier. We will structure your agreement to cater for your unique needs.

Our customers choose us because we deliver flexibility within a standard offering.

Why put up with substandard service. We can deliver many vehicles with 2 weeks notice from Bluemotion VW to low emission lcv’s on a variety of finance schemes to suit you. Whether 1 vehicle, a fleet scheme set up or a salary sacrifice benefit scheme contact us today to learn how we are different.

Want to learn more? Email us at enquiries@fleetevolution.com or click here to learn about:

Salary Sacrifice

Ways to fund your fleet

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Source your Fleet

Fleet Evolution can help you with selecting, implementing and administering your fleet policy and ensure that the right vehicle is available at the right time for the right price.

‘fleet evolution surpassed our expectations, they make the driver experience a good one, work with us on the policy and order process and always seem to find the vehicles with the longest lead time in a matter of weeks’

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