Salary Sacrifice Car Company Reduces their Customers’ Carbon Footprint by

A leading UK salary sacrifice car business has announced surprising figures which reveal how employees driving vehicles provided through a salary sacrifice scheme can reduce their motoring carbon footprint by up to 42%.  Fleet Evolution conducted extensive research amongst its client base to arrive at the figures, comparing the co2 emissions of the customer’s Fleet Evolution vehicle car to the co2 rating of the car it replaced.

Salary sacrifice car schemes are generally regarded as a ‘win win’ solution for both employers and employees, but this latest research shows that in 2013 at least, the biggest winner was the environment.  With the aid of eco-friendly initiatives such as hybrid vehicles, ecoboost engines and enhanced electric vehicles from manufacturers, Fleet Evolution customers managed to significantly reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing anything from their motoring experience. The study shows that simply making a switch to a car provided by a salary sacrifice car scheme vehicle was enough to ramp up the savings. No other sacrifices or changes to behavior or motoring habits were required to lower the carbon footprint.

Fleet Evolution’s statistics were taken from a sample of 100 cars delivered to a range of organisations in 2013.  The data pool was picked at random and included a total of 20 electric cars as well as a range of other low co2 emitting vehicles.

Fleet Evolution director Andrew Leech said, “As a motoring business, we are very environmentally aware and constantly try to be as eco-friendly as possible by reducing our own carbon footprint.  We are thrilled to be able to offer our customers a wide range of environmentally friendly vehicles and are delighted with the results of this study which show a massive 42% reduction in emissions simply by participating in our salary sacrifice car scheme.

We also found that most employees also benefited from savings on their fuel costs by upgrading to one of our cars, some of which were shown to reduce expenditure by as much as half. We are so pleased that as well as rewarding employees and handing them up to 40% off motoring costs through a salary sacrifice car scheme, companies who choose Fleet Evolution will also be making a direct and worthwhile contribution to the environment.

Fleet Evolution’s car salary sacrifice package brings significant motoring savings to all employees at no cost to the employer.  It offers various low co2 motoring options within the scheme, including the Nissan Leaf which boasts zero CO2 emissions. Employees can save anywhere up to 40% on motoring costs through their salary sacrifice car scheme by going green; the lower the co2 of the car they choose, the more substantial the saving.

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