Fleet Evolution, one of the UK’s premier providers of salary sacrifice vehicles to SMEs, has revealed a new programme in order to help those whose income rules them out of salary sacrifice schemes due to the new national living wage, get a new vehicle and benefit from the advantages that brings.

Entitled ‘Carffinity’, the affinity programme is designed specifically for those whose income, hours or contracts mean they can’t take advantage of the salary sacrifice schemes in place by their employers. Allowing those who don’t quite qualify for the same benefits as their counterparts to upgrade their vehicle, the programme will benefit thousands of people thanks to the reduced running rates associated with modern cars. The new living wage, which came into force at the start of April, together with the increase in adoption of salary sacrifice schemes in areas such as pension and childcare, means that many don’t quite meet the criteria for traditional schemes. The new programme however will mean that those who want to take advantage of the company’s award-winning concierge type service, will be able to do so.

Andrew Leech, Director of Fleet Evolution said, “The living wage is an extremely positive step for the country and has benefitted millions of people already. It is, however, reducing the eligibility of employees for all salary sacrifice benefits. The new Carffinity programme will plug that gap, helping thousands of employees reap similar rewards to the thousands of employees already benefitting from salary sacrifice schemes, giving them a new car and helping to reduce motoring costs with a fully managed service.

Carffinity will supplement the current salary sacrifice scheme and only be available to the company’s current salary sacrifice customers. Although the deals will be slightly different to the standard salary sacrifice scheme, they are partnering with select manufacturers to ensure that offers are excellently priced in order to continue with the first-class service associated with Fleet Evolution. As with the salary sacrifice scheme, there will be no risk to employers, with minimal involvement required.