Salary sacrifice specialist plans to fill the gap to avoid holes in customer pockets

Salary sacrifice car specialist Fleet Evolution has launched an innovative new service to support its customer’s employees after seeing an increase in the amount of damage caused by potholes to its vehicles. Potholes have been in the headlines for many months – in addition to the significant safety risks they pose, drivers run the risk of being out of pocket financially by having to put right damage that in many cases is beyond their control.

Now Fleet Evolution has taken the decision to fight back on behalf of its customers. Managing director of Fleet Evolution Andrew Leech explains; ‘we have noticed a steady increase in dealerships reporting issues with wheels and alloys when they service cars, in most cases pothole damage. This places the driver in a difficult and in many cases unsafe position whereby they have to pay hundreds of pounds for damage which is largely not their fault or leave the damaged wheel in place, risking further damage to the vehicle or more worryingly a serious collision.

With our customers we are taking one the battle with the local authorities for them.  All we ask of our customer is to supply photographs of the pothole and a statement. We then get a statement and photos from our tyre partner and progress the claim on their behalf including tracing the pothole responsible which can be an issue. We’ve won around half the claims we have progressed at the moment although it’s too small a sample to give definitive stats.

With all salary sacrifice schemes we try to treat our customers’ employees fairly. Some of our smaller customers businesses cannot nor should not be expected to absorb the costs of unavoidable damage. We felt guilty charging for damage so we have informally offering this service to effected customers over the last few months with successful outcomes in many cases. It was a logical step to offer this as part of our standard service.

Fleet Evolution will absorb all costs involved in managing such claims and will formally roll out the service to its existing customers by end of July. In the meantime any new customers or any existing customer with wheel damage can take immediate advantage of the new service.

We can’t promise 100% claim success but what we can promise our customers is that we will fight to ensure none of our them should meet the cost of damage caused by poorly maintained roads.

Fleet Evolution is a Midlands based salary sacrifice car specialist with customers from 17 to 1,600 employees.

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