We’re almost the end of January and many businesses will already have started to put their New Year’s resolutions into place. But for those who have resolved to switch fleet management providers in 2015, there’s still plenty of time to kick-start the transition with Fleet Evolution – one of the UK’s leading salary sacrifice car scheme providers for the sub-1000 employee sector, and experts in fleet management. Fleet Evolution’s excellent fleet management service allows business owners to focus on what really matters: meeting client demands and growing their organisation. For a business which relies on company cars to function, a missed service or a vehicle accident repair can put an end to productivity pretty quickly until the situation is resolved – a real headache for employers. Fleet Evolution’s management service offers comprehensive full-time cover for a part-time investment, taking care of everything from planned vehicle services to unscheduled repairs.

Andrew Leech, Director of Fleet Evolution, says, “We’ve made our name in salary sacrifice car schemes and sourcing cars to add to a business fleet – but we’re also renowned providers of a thorough and comprehensive fleet management service that takes the pressure off employers to keep their fleet on the roads. We devote our time and resources so that business owners don’t need to devote theirs – especially in the event of an accident or some unscheduled repairs which need taking care of.”

Many businesses will put off switching their provider because of the upheaval to their service – but Fleet Evolution have this covered, too. The team regularly speak with companies who want to move but are committed to arrangements with other suppliers, but Fleet Evolution’s full transition service takes care of it on behalf of the client. The last thing any business owner needs is the headache of dealing with multiple companies, so the company car experts can take on all of the existing fleet, whoever the supplier is, while the migration process is complete. No issues, no headaches, no hassle.

Switching to a new fleet management provider can have many benefits for businesses, not least that they’ll be able to negotiate new deals and terms that could benefit them in the long run. Fleet Evolution also sets itself apart from other providers by holding regular meetings with clients, where they receive advice on where costs can be further honed, and discussions are had on how to improve the partnership in the future. It’s this level of customer service and dedication that has seen dozens of companies switch to Fleet Evolution over existing providers.

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