Salary Maximiser

Flexible benefits allowing your employees to get maximum value from their take home pay, all usually at no cost to you.

Fleet Evolution are Award Winning Salary Sacrifice Car Experts, we believe an expert approach delivers real value for our customers but we also realise that you demand the same low administration high uptake rewards whether you are introducing a car or a pension scheme. We recognise that many customers while admiring the value that ‘best of breed’ brings for employees have concerns over the administrative impact and that is why we deliver a single point of contact and reporting but with a ‘best of breed’ approach through our partners. So what does this mean?

Fleet Evolution are experts in Car Salary Sacrifice, we also directly provide linked benefits such as car parking and travel season tickets but we are well aware that we do not want to dilute our expertise. For other benefit areas we have appointed a range of specialist partners but crucially we consolidate all contact, promotion and reporting so you really can enjoy a ‘best of breed’ approach without compromising your time commitment.

In order for us to fully assist you can you first select the option that best applies to you;

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