Capturing the very best applicants can be extremely difficult, especially when looking to recruit for a specialised role or graduate scheme in a competitive market. This is where employee benefits can revolutionise your recruitment strategy.

One report (One Medical) even stated that 69% of employees would choose one job over another if it offered a better benefits package. This could be a huge cause for concern for SME’s that have a smaller budget to implement and manage these schemes, with over a quarter of employees stating that they would jump ship to a bigger company if it meant they’d receive a better benefits package.

Graduates and Millennials are particularly interested in job perks and benefits, with 35% reportedly turning down jobs that have few or undesirable benefits to offer them (Anthem). The issue for employers and those in recruitment, is that not only new workers could be a cause for concern, but according to a recent survey by Barclays, 87% of those classed as Generations X and Y feel that their current benefits package is not sufficiently flexible and doesn’t meet their personal needs.

The perfect solution for this issue is a scheme that works for all, whether it be cars, healthcare or childcare vouchers. Despite the recent Governmental adjustments to how Salary Sacrifice works, these sectors, along with cycle-to-work schemes have remained largely unchanged and can still provide great savings for employees and employers alike. As a car scheme specialist, we see the difference a good benefits package can make within a business. Employees feel rewarded and find new reasons to get excited about work. With increased employee retention rates common in workplaces who offer such benefits to employees, it hard to ignore the benefits that come with offering the very best to potential applicants and employees.

To find out more about how car schemes can work in any business, no matter how small, contact us today.

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