Salary sacrifice car specialist helps customers slash co2 from employees commute

Salary sacrifice car specialist Fleet Evolution have helped customers slash their employees co2 by 40% on the commute along with their other business and private journeys according to their annual customer survey.

Fleet Evolution explain ‘we carry out these surveys every year with new customers who have a few as 22 or as many as 1,700 employees and year on year the co2 reduction seems to increase.’

‘In 2012 the average employee taking a salary sacrifice car took a car emitting 103 co2 to replace a car emitting over 160 co2! Not only have company environmental credentials been improved but so have employees finances, in addition to the documented savings salary sacrifice offers on car ownership employees have seen fuel bills halved in many cases by replacing an older car with the newer fuel efficient alternative’.

The catalyst for this growth is seen as 2 fold, firstly the government’s decision to publicize P11d rates up to 2016 and secondly the continued innovations from manufacturers bringing more and more ‘clean’ cars onto the UK fleet market in every sector.

Another trend that has been noted is employees taking cash allowances opting for salary sacrifice cars. Leech explains ‘as more customers control the age and profile of a cash takers choice salary sacrifice cars are becoming more of a logical choice, for both employer and employee. We expect this trend to continue as manufacturers strive for ever more efficient product and customers look to control costs’.

About Fleet Evolution

Fleet Evolution is a salary sacrifice car specialist focusing at providing this service to smaller employers with less than 1,000 eligible employees with no set up costs. For more information please contact or call us on 08448483455