Salary sacrifice specialist Fleet Evolution has expanded the protection it offers to both employee and employer to allow the vehicle to be handed back or changed as needed after childbirth

Fleet Evolution has always believed schemes should offer maximum flexibility to both employee and employer and already offer a range of schemes where vehicles can be handed back without penalty if an employee leaves the business. However this has now been extended to maternity/paternity with a new feature allowing employees to either hand a vehicle back should they have to claim statutory maternity pay or even change the vehicle to something more appropriate given their change in circumstances.

Andrew Leech explained ‘we’re passionate about making our schemes as flexible as possible within HMRC guidelines so we want to cover all parties against changes in circumstances. Most changes are simple to manage, resignation or redundancy means a vehicle is probably no longer required so it can be simply returned. The addition of a new family member however places not only a pressure on purse strings but also boot space so it’s important that we allow our schemes to adapt as our customers requirements do.’

‘If you look at a new parent for example, a number give up work or change role, a huge percentage change car. This change will ensure that Fleet Evolution customers can give their employees the maximum flexibility current rules allow whilst ensuring that they as an employer are

not exposed financially.’

‘We think this makes such schemes a logical solution for the employer who wants to maximise benefits for their employees and in turn attract and retain the best staff whilst boosting their green credentials. or