With the government announcing plans to test car-charging highways over the coming years, electric cars are set to become a more viable mode of transport than ever before – and Fleet Evolution, one of the country’s fastest-growing salary sacrifice providers, is thrilled about it.

A feasibility study has already been completed for these so-called ‘electric highways’, which use wireless power-transfer technology to charge electric and hybrid cars while they’re being driven. Companies are now tendering bids to host off-road trials for these vehicle-charging highways, with the future looking bright for the country’s motorways and A-roads.

Fleet Evolution is an expert provider of salary sacrifice car schemes and other associated solutions. The salary sacrifice scheme has always been set up to favour efficient cars, and the team at Fleet Evolution are thrilled that more is being done to encourage motorists to go green.

Andrew Leech, Managing Director of Fleet Evolution, says, “Our main role is to help businesses of all sizes to implement salary sacrifice schemes for employees. The way these schemes are structured means that the benefits will be much greater if the vehicle in question is efficient – so we’re very pleased that the government is taking steps to encourage electric or hybrid vehicle take-up! One of the key concerns about investing in an electric vehicle is not being able to find a charging point for longer journeys, but if these power-transfer highways come to fruition, we can shrug off those concerns and make electric vehicles a truly viable option for motorists everywhere.

The premise of these electric highways is simple. Electric cables buried underneath the road surface are used to generate electromagnetic fields, which are picked up by a coil inside the car. This coil converts this energy into electricity, which can be used to charge up the car while it’s running.

Milton Keynes has already launched a similar pilot scheme to help charge electric buses. This scheme involved small plates installed into the road, which allowed buses to wireless recharge when they stopped over the plates. In this case, the vehicles needed to stop over the plates to receive the energy – but in the case of the electric highways, vehicles will be charged while on-the-go.

As carbon-neutral vehicles become more and more popular in the UK, Fleet Evolution will continue to offer salary sacrifice schemes that prioritise eco-friendliness. Whether businesses are hoping to set up a brand new scheme for the first time, or whether they’re looking to tweak their existing scheme to make it more cost-effective and reduce the admin burden, Fleet Evolution can help deliver the solution from start to finish, with full support throughout.