During the current economic climate, where employees feel threatened and unappreciated, a fleet management firm is helping to keep employees in smaller companies happy, by offering benefits that are normally only available to larger clients. Fleet Evolution, based in the Midlands, is revolutionizing the approach to salary sacrifice car schemes, by replacing the traditionally expensive and arduous method, with a fresh and cost-effective formula, which smaller companies can now offer to their employees.

The fleet management company plans to bring expensive set-up costs to an end, by utilizing a mixture of new technology, improved policy and an effective implementation process. Andrew Leech, Managing Director of Fleet Evolution, believes the groundbreaking approach to fleet management will allow employees feeling undervalued, a chance to feel appreciated in the workplace. “A firm is only as good as its employees and you need to make them feel like they’re coming to work for a reason.

What we’ve come up with at Fleet Evolution, is a process that will allow smaller firms to benefit from the salary sacrifice car scheme,” he said. “Traditionally, this has always been for the larger companies that can afford the expensive set-up costs. What we’ve managed to do is drive down the costly fees associated with salary sacrifice and make it available to all businesses. Now, firms of all sizes can make the most of their new vehicles,” added Mr Leech. Salary sacrifice has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering employees non-cash benefits for a contractual reduction in pay. Salary sacrifice will not only save employers on National Insurance and tax; the scheme is also being implemented by responsible companies looking to slash their CO2 emissions, by benefiting from a new, eco-friendly fleet of company cars. Contact Fleet Evolution for more information.

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