As the summer gets under way, a fleet management specialist is offering free ‘motoring abroad kits’ to prevent dream holidays turning into a roadside nightmare.  Midlands based Fleet Evolution, has made the packs available to all of their new and existing customers, as part of an initiative to help motorists comply with the multitude of rules and regulations when driving overseas.··

Andrew Leech, Managing Director at Fleet Evolution, said: “Overseas travel can be immensely pleasurable, but it’s very easy to become entangled in legal pitfalls. These can range from not having a replacement bulb-set in France, to not having held a licence for 12 months in the US.”

Some overseas motoring offences involve a hefty fine, while others could result in a vehicle being impounded. What’s more, many people find out they are not covered for things like European recovery, and medical expenses if an accident occurs, until it’s too late.  “Whether you are driving abroad for business, or pleasure, our ‘motoring abroad kit’ will be very helpful, and may mean the difference between a small hiccup in your journey, and spending many frustrating hours in a foreign police station,” added Andrew.

The kit includes a guide to the motoring laws of the country you are visiting, a warning triangle, two ‘high-viz’ safety vests, a spare bulb and fuse kit, GB stickers, and other useful items, tailored to the specific requirements of individual countries.  Customers can get packs for their current vehicle, while any new vehicle ordered through Fleet Evolution will also contain this guide. In addition, non-customers can obtain a free guide to a country’s motoring laws, complete with a checklist, simply by listing the countries required.

“Fleet Evolution is a new force in fleet management and services. We provide a range of services to businesses looking for a ‘one stop shop’ for their fleet requirements, or a specialist partner for a key area of concern, ” said Andrew.  Andrew continued: “This includes contract hire, vehicle sourcing and fleet and driver management services. We work in partnership with businesses to meet their goals and help them manage fleet costs, while maximising productivity.”

To request a free kit, contact Fleet Evolution at