Is this EV a Subpar Performance or a Great Drive?

When people think of electric cars, there are often visions of futuristic, tech-filled flying machines. However, this generation of electric cars may be more close-to-home than you think. The e-Golf is Volkswagen’s innovative new electric car, based on one of the most popular car models of all time. Released just in time for the electric revolution. if you’re interested, you can lease the VW e-Golf through salary sacrifice.

Our friends at Listers Volkswagen gave Charlotte an e-Golf to use for a week. She’d need it for her 25-mile commute to the office, and a few customer meetings. Charlotte is someone who’s not used to living with an electric, as she drives a Mercedes A-Class. She also does a varied mileage. Therefore, she’s the perfect driver to put the e-golf to the test.

egolf front no badge

The Experience

At first glance, you’d be hard pushed to know the e-Golf was electric, it looks, well, like a normal car!

The e-Golf is based on the SE Tech trim and is a very well-equipped car. It sports alloys, Bluetooth and Apple Carplay, auto lights, adaptive cruise control, a satnav and so much more! It’s a 5-seater with room to spare.

egolf interior

An addition that is often underestimated, that you won’t find on a traditional Golf, is Car-Net. Car-Net is an app that allows you to set charging times. This means that if you’re charging off-peak it could cost you as little as £1.00 to drive over 100 miles. You also have the ability to defrost and pre-warm the car while on mains.

This ended up being a bit of a saviour for Charlotte! She had the car during a lovely spring week with hail and rain, where temperatures rarely moved into double figures. Waking up to a fully charged and pre-warmed car is enough to convert almost anyone to electric cars during winter!

“The home charging and app connections were really easy, and I found some of the interior tech really useful. It has a system to monitor your driving and scores out of 100 based on how ‘blue’ your driving is.”

Charlotte Brooks, Accounts Manager

Plug Over Petrol Pump?

Charlotte doesn’t currently have a fast charger at home. Although, when she orders her EV from us, she’ll get one for free! For now, she charged from a normal 3 pin plug, which just about gave a full charge overnight. Volkswagen advertises 186 miles range, and this e-Golf managed 120 miles with a mixture of motorway and town driving.

egolf charging

The car does come with driving score tools and will educate you on how to improve the economy. As an example, it comes with adaptive cruise control. Charlotte quickly discovered this hurts the economy and turned it off. Over summer months we think the car would typically do 145 miles. A fast charge at virtually all motorway services will give you another 100 miles in 45 minutes. Or, if you don’t have that much time, it takes just over 20 minutes if you find a 50kw charger. ZapMap can help identify these fast chargers. The car is very nippy and responsive around town, and very happy cruising up and down the motorway.

 “One feature I really liked was the pop up I got at 50 miles remaining range. It asked me if I wanted to find a nearby charge point. It’s nice that the car can help you solve one of the bigger stresses with driving electric.”

Charlotte Brooks, Accounts Manager

Cost-wise this is slightly more expensive to buy than a Leaf or Zoe. Although, on salary sacrifice, it’s just over £300 a month! Combined with £10/month electric to run, you have a very cheap way into a very capable and desirable car. An initial search on shows retail costs of over £300, once you factor in the deposit. However, this doesn’t include maintenance, tyres, insurance. Factor in fuel and you’re looking at typical costs of £500/month for a traditional Golf in this trim. Or, if you’re smart, around £330 on salary sacrifice, WITH everything managed for you!

Would We Get One?

Absolutely! Well, given you’re like 70% of our customers… Doing 10,000 miles per annum with your commute below 100 miles, and have a drive or garage. Combine with electric flex for when you need more range or factor in charge stops, it’s easier than you think.

vw egolf rear

If you don’t have a drive, there are still options that make this do-able. Remember, we can put in free workplace charging so you can charge at work! Provided 2 more of your colleagues take electric cars through our Salary Sacrifice Scheme, subject to approval.

Do you regularly need more range than the e-Golf can offer? Have a look at the eNiro, Kona EV or more upmarket Jaguar I-Pace. All a little more expensive, but all covering 250 miles with ease!

“It’s one of the more expensive of the ‘run around’ electric vehicles. But it’s a good starting point for those who don’t want to drive Nissan or Renault. I liked the fact It looks like a regular Golf, it doesn’t scream electric car. It even has a ‘traditional’ fuel gauge, but with a battery image instead of a fuel pump, which I thought was pretty cool!”

Charlotte Brooks, Accounts Manager


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