In this fast-paced modern world, time is money – and businesses are always looking to save both. That’s why Fleet Evolution, one of the fastest-growing fleet management and salary sacrifice providers, has introduced a dynamic new ‘concierge’ service to its already packed offering. Fleet Evolution have a duty of care over all of the cars they provide to their clients, and their clients’ employees. The concierge-type services honours this duty by picking up and dropping off the cars whenever necessary – saving businesses time and money. Collection and delivery of the cars is provided by the Fleet Evolution team as standard – but they also ensure that if there’s ever an incident with the car, the customer will have a backup that they can rely on.

In the circumstance of a roadside breakdowns or a scheduled service, Fleet Evolution deliver replacement vehicles to clients as soon as possible. The team will make every effort to ensure that employees are totally mobile in the quickest team – so they won’t miss that crucial meeting, or be late to pick up their kids from school.

Andrew Leech, Director of Fleet Evolution, says, “At Fleet Evolution, we’re always looking for ways in which we can offer better value to our customers, introducing extra elements to our service that we believe they’ll really benefit from. Our concierge service is always on hand to take care of clients and their employees, delivering replacement vehicles or dropping off cars after servicing, both of which save our clients time and money.”

He adds, “If you breakdown at the roadside, we’ll get you mobile again as quickly as possible – so you won’t have to disappoint the boss or arrange for someone else to collect your kids.”

This ‘mobility guarantee’, as it’s called by the team at Fleet Evolution, ensures that paying customers always have access to a car. If they’re donating their salary as part of a salary sacrifice scheme, or if they’re part of a broader fleet management service, Fleet Evolution believe that clients should have access to a vehicle all the time – even when their original car is being serviced, broken down or out of action for some other reason.

In the constantly evolving and often volatile arena of fleet management, businesses need to know that their vehicle provider has their back. Fleet Evolution offers a number of customer-oriented services that are geared towards offering clients value for money – from their low-admin, low-cost salary sacrifice schemes, to their salary maximiser, which helps offer employee benefits with ease.

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