Replace your old fleet and save money

A Midlands based vehicle leasing company says companies can save money by replacing their ageing vehicles.  Fleet Evolution is helping businesses save up to 20% on the cost of running fleets of cars and vans.  Fleet Evolution is offering a free fleet funding and efficiency review to any business running up to 100 vehicles.  According to Andrew Leech, Managing Director of Fleet Evolution, 70% of reviews identify savings of 10 – 20%.  These savings can be made by smaller fleet operators switching to leasing vehicles, and using newer and more fuel-efficient cars and vans.

“Typically, a 20 vehicle fleet costs £100,000 just to keep on the road. Many of the companies we help run older cars and vans in the belief that it will save them money – this is a mistake. Maintenance expenses, downtime and tyre and exhaust costs with older vehicles can quickly spiral.” Explains Mr Leech.

As a result, Fleet Evolution is urging fleet operators to review their fleet or risk losing thousands.  “New vehicles reduce downtime and administrative costs. Of course these are just the direct savings, new vehicles can also improve a company’s image.  With these potential savings it could be the most effective 30 minutes a fleet operator could spend reviewing this with us.” Said Mr Leech.

Fleet Evolution also recommends saving costs by running vehicles with fuel efficient engines and adopting purchasing methods that benefit from VAT rises.  If you are interested in getting your fleet reviewed, please contact Fleet Evolution. Tel: 0844 848 3455 Email: