Car Charging Infrastructure Brings Concerns

You can barely go a day now without seeing an advert for an electric car or hybrid. Stray onto a radio show debate or pub conversation, though, and you’ll most likely hear that there is no car charging infrastructure.

As you make your daily commute, you’re probably becoming aware of the growing presence of electric cars. However, they’re not parked on the hard shoulder behind a tow truck, as we may be led to believe.

The Myth?

When electric cars first launched, I remember seeing a BBC feature. They tried to take a Nissan Leaf, capable of 80 miles then, from London to Edinburgh. I think it took 3 days. Unfortunately, in many ways, the media still present the same image today; let’s sanity check this!

Upfront, how many of us drive from London to Edinburgh? I do 30,000 miles a year and I do similar length trips maybe twice a year. Taking a look at the range, the Nissan Leaf had a range of 80 miles. Today, there are cars available for the same cost as a decent spec Focus that does 270 miles between charges. That’s real mileage, we’ve driven them!

Lastly look at the infrastructure, public that is. EVERY motorway service (but one) has fast charge facilities. These are capable of giving another 100-mile boost in the time it takes to polish off a Starbucks. All the press would have you believe this is a negative. Who wants to hang around for 45 minutes to get another 100-mile range? For some, a fair point, but there is a trade-off. If you can charge at home, like 60% of us, then 29 days a month you’ll never have to refill! You just charge at home. Personally, after a couple of hours driving, I look forward to a coffee, I never look forward to filling up.

The Reality?

The reality is most people cover more than 250 miles less than 6 times a year. Well over half of us have a drive or garage. If you have either, you have the perfect infrastructure without ever leaving your home! When you do venture out, your car is waiting for you. Defrosted, warm, fully charged, and all for mere pennies! Less than £2.50 of electricity is needed to cover 250 miles. For the 6 times a year you may feel the dreaded ‘range anxiety,’ just stick to the fast charging motorways. Or, you could take up an electric car deal. This is where you can swap your EV for petrol or diesel when needed. Our scheme offers an electric flex, and also vastly lowers the overall ownership costs.

Car Charging Infrastructure are NO Concern of Ours, Why Should they be of Yours?

For those of you without a drive or garage, you would be amazed how comprehensive the charging network is. You’re only ever minutes from a public charger, and new builds now have to plan them in. Last year saw a 27% increase in the number of chargers, and there was a corresponding decrease in charge time. This is due to the faster chargers. In the last few months, people from Marston’s to Tesco have clamoured to offer to charge at their retail sites. Similarly, my car is recharging as I type, sitting at Hoar Cross Hall Spa.

You don’t need to use public chargers if you have a drive as we provide a fast charger at home. The thought of it is scary, but you needn’t do an impression of my daughter when she sees a spider!

Electric Vehicles are…

More convenient than petrol or diesel, more fun, and a whole lot cheaper. The alternative is using fossil fuels, all over some nervousness on new technology. Remember the first time you had a phone with a home button? Now try going without!


Keep an eye out for our video on charging publicly or request our guide to an electrifying future to learn more.

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