Fleet Evolution has been awarded ‘Go Ultra Low Company’ status, in recognition of how the organisation has already opened its vehicle fleet to plug-in cars and its commitment to boost uptake of plug-in vehicles over the coming years.

Some of our team will be heading to Olympia in London for Employee Benefits Live on the 10th and 11th October where you will have the chance to meet up with us to discuss our scheme!

Many employees are initially hesitant about taking up salary sacrifice schemes, namely because they contain the term ‘salary sacrifice’ (who wants to be paid less?). However, the benefits of taking up the offer of a salary sacrifice schemes are beneficial to the employee, the employer and even the environment. Encouraging employees to take up a scheme is often simply a case of educating them of the benefits they could reap by doing so, upon which you’ll find that many are agreeable to the idea once they know what it entails. Make sure your employees know about the following benefits and chances are they’ll certainly consider the idea.

It seems like every day we hear more about the rise of the driverless car and how soon none of us will need to learn to drive at all. They may be cool and futuristic, but we certainly aren’t all going to suddenly own one, which begs the question: how will driverless cars affect the insurance of those of us driving alongside them?

Provider of salary sacrifice cars Fleet Evolution has urged businesses to save the planet and realize the massive savings achieved by choosing from the extensive range of electric cars that they can provide to businesses.

Fleet Evolution’s fresh call for businesses to embrace the electric car comes in light of the rapid rise of electric vehicles, which has increased from only 3,500 in 2013 to 63,000 in 2017.

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