A fleet management specialist in the Midlands has warned that a recent change in legislation means that drivers could lose their licence in a matter of weeks.

The new rule, introduced by the DVLA, could have a dramatic effect on fleet companies and individual drivers. Under the new legislation, any driver found guilty of any motoring offence, regardless of its severity, could end up having their driving licence suspended at short notice.

Up until now, the DVLA has allowed drivers 12 months to surrender their licence for endorsement, however the new rule shortens this time period to just 28 days.

Andrew Leech, Managing Director of West Midlands-based Fleet Evolution warned:“The consequences of this little publicised change could be huge. Legally, drivers would not be insured, resulting in financial loss in the event of an accident and unknown, but potentially severe consequences under Health and Safety at work legislation.”

Responding to the development, Fleet Evolution, which prides itself on providing an exemplary service by identifying future trends and risks early, is offering its existing customers free licence checks direct with the DVLA, to protect them.

They are also offering up to 5 licence checks direct with the DVLA for all businesses, free of charge.

For more information, please contact Fleet Evolution:

Email: enquiries@fleetevolution.co.uk