Leading salary sacrifice car provider Fleet Evolution has announced a remarkable offer: free licence checks through the DVLA for any company requesting the service.  Guidance from Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states that employers who offer company cars need to check both driver and vehicle are ‘fit for purpose’. This creates an admin headache for anyone who’s employed to drive on company business but in response, Fleet Evolution will provide five free license checks to anyone requesting the service in July/August. The complete driver checking package will be conducted through the UK’s official driving board, the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). The checks are designed to ensure the employee can be deemed ‘fit for purpose’ on the road.  Fleet Evolution will conduct license checks on five separate employees completely free of charge to any company requiring the service.

Director of Fleet Evolution, Andrew Leech said, “As a motoring business, we are aware of the importance of staying on top of safety procedures and we fully support this guidance from HSE.  As an employer, managing a fleet can be quite stressful with a lot of boxes to tick, but Fleet Evolution is always happy to help.  Doing background checks on staff behind the wheel is just as important as ensuring the vehicle is safe to drive – and we’re making it hassle-free and free of charge for the whole month.

“When companies implement a car scheme, the employer takes on a lot of responsibilities and it can seem quite daunting.  We specialise in salary sacrifice schemes, which we fully manage on behalf of employers and make sure all vehicles and drivers are more than just ‘fit for purpose.’  But even if a business has a standard company fleet with another provider, Fleet Evolution will still extend this licence check offer to them, on five of its employees.”

As salary sacrifice specialists, Fleet Evolution delivers convenient schemes to suit both employer and employee, with minimum administration and maximum benefit to both parties.  A salary sacrifice car scheme has no set up costs and could see employees save around 30% on average motoring costs.

Fleet Evolution also offers a risk management service, providing expert assistance for all employers.  Companies with vehicles provided by Fleet Evolution can reduce accident costs by up to a third, and benefit from a range of helpful tools such as license checking and driver assessment, access to policies and document handling.

For more information visit https://www.fleetevolution.com.

About Fleet Evolution    

Fleet Evolution design and implement salary sacrifice car schemes which enable employees to save money on motoring costs at no cost to the employer. It works with businesses from 15 to 10,000 employees delivering schemes that are low admin with maximum reward.


Andrew Leech: email marketing@fleetevolution.com or Tel 08448 483 455.