As tv viewers join the ‘digital’ revolution and some bemoan the investment in digital receivers Fleet Evolution warns of the potential sting in the tail for company and private vehicles.

Andrew Leech of Fleet Evolution advised;  ‘the digital revolution won’t be forced upon motorists until 2015 at the very earliest but many vehicles ordered today will still be in use when the old signal is switched off. Unlike home tv a simple £40 box won’t get drivers over this obstacle, most stereos are built in to sophisticated entertainment units and costs of replacing these run into thousands.

We’re advising all customers to take DAB radios on all orders and providing this upgrade free in many cases. If you don’t insist on DAB you could end up with a vehicle worth thousands less than the equivalent model with DAB in the future’.

Fleet Evolution are a leading Midlands lease company who promise exemplary service at a competitive price but also pride themselves on anticipating future trends. Leech advised ‘this could be as big an impact as buying a leaded vehicle a few years before fuel outlets stopped stocking leaded fuel but no-one is thinking ahead. We’ve recently had to replace a customers stereo unit on an inbuilt dash and the costs were huge, companies planning today for vehicles which will remain with them in 5 years or more need to take action, resale values where DAB is not installed will plummet once a firm deadline is announced’.

All Midland based businesses are being offered free DAB radios with any vehicle taken from Fleet Evolution,