Fleets are one of the major expenses for any business fronted by a dynamic workforce. From healthcare and hospitality to law and logistics, fully operational vehicles play an integral role in getting employees from A to B. A reliable set of wheels is incredibly important yet they can also rack up some serious expenses. For this reason it’s critical that businesses have a tailored fleet management strategy in place to ensure that operations run smoothly.

Want to know more? Read on for why managing mileage is so important, why effectively administrating expense claims is crucial and how businesses can implement both of these best practice habits into their day-to-day operations.

The importance of managing mileage

One of the easiest and most effective ways to slash fleet costs is to introduce a mileage management strategy. This will help to reduce time spent on the road and minimise the amount of fuel that is chewed up on a daily basis. Mileage management encompasses a range of different factors including mapping out optimised routes, assigning the correct vehicle and ensuring that engines are performing at their best.

Effective administration of expense claims

Whether managing a small fleet of hatchbacks or a large convoy of delivery trucks, expenses can pop up all over the place. From planned maintenance check-ups to unscheduled emergency repair jobs, it’s important for these to be processed quickly and efficiently.

Streamlined expenses across the board

Fleets can incur a myriad of different expenses and keeping track of them can prove to be quite difficult. Especially if a business manager has a plethora of other customer and operational responsibilities on their plate. Streamlining expenses is therefore an essential part of saving time and ensuring that all costs are managed quickly and efficiently.

So what’s the solution? While some businesses attempt to self-manage their fleet, their mileage and their expenses, this can quickly get incredibly time consuming. Not to mention the fact that when tasks are juggled all operations can end up being compromised. Instead, businesses should opt for enlisting the help of an expert fleet management provider. The company will assign a dedicated team to take care of mileage, expenses and any other aspect of fleet operations. For an initial investment businesses then enjoy enhanced operations, streamlined expenses and a marked increase in efficiency.


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