Mercedes A Class vs Audi A3

They’re both great hatchbacks that deliver on style, quality and performance – but which is best? The truth is, it depends on the specifications you’re looking for.

On pure power, the A-Class wins by a margin – offering 160 horsepower on its 2.1-litre diesel model compared to the A3’s 148 horsepower on its 2.0-diesel model. Although, this won’t make much of a difference when you’re cruising down the motorway, as both deliver great acceleration. The A3 is the smaller of the two, although people over six-foot might find the back seats of the A-Class a bit of a squeeze.

The interiors of both cars are lovely to look at, so it’s not easy to choose between the two. The A3’s inside doesn’t look unlike that of its predecessor, with the usual black-and-metal dashboard and comprehensive controls. And the A-Class is equally as chic, with metal detailing picking out the best features and glossy buttons to press. If you’re after sporty, the A-Class is the one for you; for sophisticated simplicity, it’s the new A3 that wins out.

On the outside, both models are sleek and sublime. The Audi is simpler, with robust curves and confident muscle, whilst the A-Class looks sharper and sportier. The small rear windscreen might be an issue with the A-Class, as the A3 generally has more room in the back. Still, it’s the A-Class, not the A3, that’s currently available as a five-door model and makes it more accessible for backseat passengers.

With both cars being low in c02 this makes them perfect candidates for Salary Sacrifice. So if you choose the sportier look of the A Class or the chic style of the A3 you are looking at a stylish car at an affordable rate from £260 per month (impact on take home pay)