An innovative salary sacrifice car business has been bucking the trend recently by implementing salary sacrifice car schemes in smaller employers with remarkable success in both adoption and employer savings.

Car salary sacrifice has long been established within larger employers, a reported 15% of employers with more than 1,000 staff have adopted such schemes with reported take up rates around 5% of employees. Smaller employers have traditionally struggled to even get the most basic information from existing suppliers, all this changed earlier this year when Fleet Evolution launched their market leading ‘lite’ package where employers with 20 – 200 employees could introduce schemes with no set up costs and very little admin on their part. Since introduction Fleet Evolution have signed over 20 companies on the smaller version of their salary sacrifice car product and have seen astonishing results with take up rates averaging almost 20% in the first few months alone.

Fleet Evolution director Andrew Leech explains “we often received calls from smaller employers and questioned whether we could do  more to help them. We pride ourselves on innovation and simplicity and the ‘salary sacrifice lite’ offering  seemed to be a viable offering but we were amazed how many cars these new companies were taking on.

We always handle all promotion and roll out for our customers and we were initially surprised at the turnout for launches, this has followed through with a significant take up and it shows no sign of abating, with more quote activity as cars are delivered.

The companies salary sacrifice lite product uses a defined rule set and process to manage scheme introduction, meaning schemes can be introduced within a couple of days and administration is minimal for both customer and supplier. This is now bringing significant motoring savings to all employees at no cost to the employer, not just those who have larger workforce.

Fleet Evolution are a salary sacrifice expert, for more information please email or call Andrew Leech on 08448483455

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