It’s difficult to get the balance right when it comes to deciding on another vehicle. Should you go petrol or electric? On one hand, people are used to driving diesel or petrol cars—they know how they handle, what to do when something goes wrong, and they enjoy the wide range of choice available. On the other, everyone’s much more aware of the impact our cars are having on the environment, and they want to reduce their carbon footprint as well as the impact of fuel on their wallet.

Many of the worries that people have about electric cars are unfounded or out of date; that they are too expensive, or that charging is difficult. However, more and more charging points are becoming available, in places like supermarket car parks and even car showrooms. There are even government schemes available to help you get a charging point in place at your home. In time, charging your car could become as routine as charging your mobile phone—plug it in, go to sleep, wake up to it fully charged and ready to go.

Salary sacrifice is an easy way to try out an electric car for the first time if you are nervous about making such a big change. Using your employee car scheme for an ultra-low emissions vehicle will even reduce your tax bill because electric cars qualify for a lower rate of tax under a salary sacrifice scheme.

The benefits of using an electric car are easy to see. You are making the environment better by using a car that doesn’t pump out harmful chemicals into the air. You’re saving money by not buying regular fuel, as well as using less of the world’s dwindling stock of fossil fuels. If you drive an electric car made in the UK, you’re helping to support British business, more important than ever with Brexit on the horizon.  Salary sacrifice reducing your tax bill might be just the push you need to start driving an ultra-low emissions vehicle.

If you want to know more, take a look at our electrifying guide below!
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