Top Salary Sacrifice Cars: Analysis and Advice

A recent survey has revealed the top salary sacrifice cars for the public and private sectors – with the Audi A3 doing well on both fronts, and a surprise entry for the Mini Cooper in the private sector! We’ve conducted an analysis of the top salary sacrifice cars – so if you’re spoilt for choice, you can narrow it down right here.

Audi A3

The Audi A3 was the most popular public sector car and the second most popular private sector choice. The impressive all-rounder has a professional, stylish exterior, efficient engines and a comfortable exterior. This car is seen as a competitor to the BMW 1 Series (which also features on this list) but it is deemed fairly expensive and a little cramped on the inside. If the cost isn’t an issue and you’re looking for an attractive vehicle to bolster your company’s image, this is the salary sacrifice car for you.

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is the top choice in the private sector, but is nowhere to be seen in the public sector top five. This is incredible, considering that in 2014, the Ford Fiesta became Britain’s best-selling car of all time! Plus points include attractive styling and controlled handling. It’s cheap to run, and there are some discounts available on purchasing it, but if you want the business-related bells and whistles – Bluetooth, for example – you’ll need to stump up a little extra. Thousands of satisfied buyers can’t be wrong about this one.

BMW 1 Series

This car features on both lists, and for good reason. The BMW name is synonymous with professionalism, experience and reliability. It’s said to offer a potent combination of performance, economy and low-emissions – could this be the perfect salary-sacrifice vehicle? On the negative side, reviews have shown the steering to be a little on the light side, which can make drivers nervous when moving at speed. As with the Ford Fiesta, Bluetooth costs a little extra – so if you’re after a basic model, you’ll struggle to make business calls on the go. That said, it’s efficient and stylish, and the BMW name precedes itself.

Citroen C1

This nippy little vehicle is has been designed for city living. It comes in at number two on the public sector list, and is renowned for its fun styling and much lower price than many of the alternatives. The C1 has low running costs and low-rolling resistance tyres to reduce fuel consumption. However, the cramped cabin and the noisy engines mean it’s not as comfortable to drive as the BMW or the Audi models. The good news is, the lower price of the car means you can stump up for extras like Bluetooth, radio and even an on-board video player. This car is available from Fleet Evolution for just £139.00 per month – contact us now to make any further enquiries.