Unicorns are Real!

And they can help HR teams become truly fabled employers of choice.


My daughter tells me with complete sincerity that unicorns are not seen on earth simply because they live in space.

Now, I’m not going to argue with my 8-year-old on whether that’s true or not, just like our customers can’t argue with Fleet Evolution’s amazing deals on ULEVs through salary sacrifice. Salary Sacrifice Cars only came about in the last decade, and they’re one of the best employee benefits you can offer.

According to the Huffington Post, 6% of people believe that unicorns exist. Who are we to judge them? Just because we can’t see something, that doesn’t mean it’s not there.


Speaking of things we question the existence of…


At a conference we recently attended, we discovered that, similarly, only 5% of the HR managers knew they could still take advantage of one of the best benefits at work: salary sacrifice cars. However, it seems that our salary sacrifice scheme is still something of an unknown employee benefit.


The government changed car taxation to be based on CO2 rather than business mileage.


Since this, the appeal for a perk car has increased. Therefore this encouraged innovative employers to offer this benefit, passing on the cost of the car via a gross pay deduction. This also encourages the adoption of more ULEVs than polluting vehicles.

For the many that are aware of and on board with our scheme, they seem to be completely satisfied with the service and benefits they receive:

“It is simply one of the best things that I have ever done. I would never have considered a brand-new car as an option until I was introduced to this scheme by my employer.”

Brian Warner, PolicyFast

Considering its mystery, it’s no surprise that HR managers and their staff alike still fear the unknown. Following our tale of the magical, the alleged “Unicorn horns” were described as a “cubit-long horn coloured red at the pointed tip, black in the middle, and white at the base.” They were used as cups, and those who drank from it were thought to be protected from stomach trouble, epilepsy, and poison. However, these horns were no luxury or miracle, they were actually made from rhinoceros horns or narwhal tusks. Alike the fake-unicorn-horns, our salary sacrifice scheme is also NOT a source purely of magic and make-believe, and is, in fact, highly accessible to all!


Salary sacrifice cars are one of the best employee benefits!


They can boost your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) credentials and aid employee well-being. Introducing our scheme will make you a legendary employer, and one of choice.

Perhaps one day when your team is in cleaner cars and air quality improves, Unicorns will return from space (or wherever they’re hiding out).

Until then, talent is key to every company’s success. Innovative benefits such as salary sacrifice cars can draw in a truly legendary team. Who knows, you may even attract a mythical status yourself!


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