When shopping for a new car, the world can seem your oyster. With a multitude of car makers up for grabs and literally thousands of models to choose from – not to mention the endless list of options that may or may not be useful, it can feel very overwhelming. So are the top five things people look for when shopping a new car?

Value for money

Good value for money is at top of everyone’s list when it comes to buying a car. No matter what your budget, you want to make sure you’re getting the most for your buck. Even entry-level vehicles come with certain features as standard such as front electric windows and airbags, but some vehicles come with even more show-stopping ones, such as a built-in DVD player and mobile integration. So it’s worth shopping around to see what you could get for you money.

Fuel economy

Fuel prices yo-yo more than anything else in the world. At the moment they’re relatively low compared to what we’ve been used to over the last couple of years, but nothing is certain when it comes to the price of oil. With that in mind, fuel economy is one of the main things people are on the lookout for. With the average petrol vehicle getting around 51mpg, and diesels averaging 60mpg, car manufacturers are always looking for new ways to increase cars’ fuel economy.

Environmental effects

With more emphasis than ever on the impact vehicles have on the environment, finding a ‘greener’ vehicle is a high on people’s checklist. City, hybrid and electric cars are among the most economically-friendly vehicles on the market. Offering exceptional performance and style, with the added bonus of low carbon emissions, there’s no wonder that eco-friendly vehicles are gaining devoted fans all over the world.

Safety features

With more cars on the road now than ever before, added safety features are paramount. Manufacturers are always announcing new pieces of safety kit that will prevent a crash, or a new development that will protect passengers better in an accident. However the best way to find a vehicle’s true safety rating is to look on the Euro NCAP website and view the results of their five-star safety rating system.


The first question you will answer when looking for a new car is “Do I like it?” Often seen as a secondary concern in favour of a number of the points above, if you’re looking for a car you’re going to have for a number of years, you have to like the look of it. Cars have come a long way design-wise since their conception. Everyday cars were once considered a purely practical means of getting you from A to B, however modern cars are now all about style. ‘Stunning’, ‘elegant’, ‘aggressive’ are just some of the adjectives used to describe modern cars – and who doesn’t want a ‘stunning’ car?